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Saline Hysterogram
What is saline hysterogram?

Saline hysterogram is also referred to as a saline infused hysterosalpingogram, a saline infused sono-hysterosalpingogram or an HSG.

It is a procedure to check for tubal patency in case of infertility. It may also be used to assess uterine abnormalities.

Blocked fallopian tubes may be the cause of infertility. To assess the tubal patency, your doctor may discuss with you the option of having a saline hysterogram with a contrast medium or dye. The procedure will allow assessment of the appearance of the uterus, ovaries and whether the fallopian tubes are clear. It can also be useful to unblock tubes that contain mucous or other material.

This procedure may also be recommended by your doctor where uterine abnormalities is suspected (e.g. recurrent miscarriage secondary to uterine septation).

How is it performed?

A soft plastic catheter is inserted through the cervical canal and into the uterus. Under ultrasound guidance 20-60mls of sterile saline is injected via the catheter, and if it is for testing of tubal patency, this is followed with 20ml of contrast medium.

When is the best time to have the procedure?

If you are having regular cycles and there is a chance of pregnancy, the procedure should be performed in the first 10 daysof the menstrual cycle, before ovulation, this avoids the chance of the procedure interfering with the implantation if an embryo.

If your periods are irregular, the test can be done at any time (including while you are having your period). If the appointment is not scheduled in the first 10 days following the start of your period you will need to speak with your doctor to organise a pregnnacy test. Alternatively you could choose to abstain from intercourse from the start of your period until after your appointment.

How much will the procedure cost?

Please contact the unit that you are referred to for a quote. The Medicare rebate for the procedure is $149.65. You may also wish to approach your private health fund regarding this item.

Is the test painful?

Most women experience some period-like pain during or shortly after the procedure. This may range from mild to severe. Analgesic such as paracetamol or brufen is recommended an hour before your appointment.

You may also consider bringing a support person who can drive you home in the event that your pain is severe.

When will I know the results of the test?

The finding will be explained to you by the doctor that performs the procedure before you leave the rooms, and any questions you have will be answered. Your treating doctor will receive a detailed report within two working days of the procedure.

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